Your blog or website will benefit significantly from an increase in visitors. Casual browsers won’t generate the kind of user engagement that leads to increased sales; you’ll need to persuade casual browsers to stick around. 

Both timely and evergreen pieces of writing might assist in this endeavor. Consider that 38% of visitors will abandon your site if they find content or style unappealing.

The issue this prompts is, which type of content, timely or evergreen, is better for your online business? Which one encourages more guests to stay? What you have to know to increase traffic with these prevalent content kinds is detailed below.

Topical Content: What is it?

The information presented here is current, helpful, and routinely updated. Current events and newly discovered information are highlighted, drawing the user’s attention. Topical content is relevant to the reader’s needs when it is read. 


A roofing firm in your area may want to write a blog article about dealing with hail and wind damage when a significant storm passes. Topical material is time for their audience, provides helpful guidance, and has the potential to increase conversions.

Evergreen Content vs Topical Content 

Evergreen content can be used for years without becoming obsolete. Since this information is static, the URL is suitable for search engine optimization (SEO) and will help bring visitors to your website or blog. Evergreen Content

This form of writing is like an evergreen tree in that it never goes out of style. In contrast to the time-sensitive nature of topical material, which necessitates frequent updates to remain appealing, evergreen content can be published and forgotten.

Examples of evergreen content comprise guides, lists, and suggestions that can be used in various contexts.

Pros and Cons of Topical Content

Do you want to incorporate timely information into your website? Here are two advantages and two disadvantages of taking this strategy.


1. Less need for physical labor 

Relevant materials are available for your use. Your team might select their next content topic to save time by perusing industry-related sites or online news channels for ideas.

2. Various Prospects for Exposure

Stories that are relevant to different audiences can spread quickly. It effectively means you can use many channels, including social media, email, and web search, to draw visitors to your site.



1. You’re Not Alone

All audiences will be interested in engaging content. Competition for attention increases because many sites publish versions of the same trending topics.

2. Trust must be earned, not displayed

Even if your piece goes viral and a flood of new eyes lands on your site, that doesn’t mean they’ll immediately start spending money. Instead, trust must be earned over time, which means you’ll need more than timely content to generate sales.

Pros and Cons of Evergreen Content

Considering making your website’s content a mainstay? A few expected benefits and drawbacks are listed below.


Maintains its freshness for a more extended period

Evergreen content is designed to keep looking current for longer, bringing in a consistent stream of readers. In addition, you can modify this information as needed rather than completely replace it to maintain interest.

It’s excellent for beginner-level content

There will always be a need for how-to guides and topical roundups since people are always interested in expanding their knowledge.



It’s possible to run out of ideas

Creating new content might be challenging when you often publish evergreen information. Your team may spend more time in this situation work-shopping posts than they do making new, evergreen content.

Progress Towards Goals Takes Time

In contrast to the sudden surges in interest generated by timely articles, the steady growth of an audience for evergreen content takes time. While this is beneficial for sustained development, it won’t let you cash in on short-term spikes in demand caused by holidays or other special occasions.

Strategy for Increasing Views with Evergreen and Topical content 

In an ideal world, material that is both topical and evergreen would work together to increase site visits. Confused as to what this might look like? Get started with these six-pointers.

1. Create evergreen & topical content with content planning templates.

Planning templates are an excellent start when developing a long-term traffic strategy to maximize the potential of both timely and timeless pieces of content.

2. Establish a schedule for periodic content updates

Topical content should be updated frequently to maintain its usefulness. Regarding social media posts, anything older than a week might start to feel old. The frequency with which content is updated varies with the information being updated. A couple of weeks to months is typically the norm for blog posts.

3. Incorporate the Proper Tools

Make sure you’re following good SEO practices before you start writing. Using Google Trends & Adwords, you may discover which keywords are increasing in popularity or maintaining a steady search volume, which can then be used to shape your content strategy.

4. Topical content: Be honest

Focus on hitting home runs with the timely subject matter. Considering the abundance of similar sites, it’s essential to differentiate yourself by providing the material that truly speaks to your audience. It’s fleeting enough that if it doesn’t hit its mark, you can pick yourself up and try again soon.

5. Evergreen content: Create with the future in mind

Take into account future interest in your evergreen material. Could your current audience benefit from this material? Does it have the potential to be modernized to keep up with the ever-evolving market?

6. Strike a good resonance with your content

Ideally, you’d strike a happy medium between topical & evergreen. While focusing solely on current events can yield short-term gains, it can’t guarantee long-term success. Consistent results can be expected from evergreen initiatives, but they won’t be adequate to spark customers’ attention or take advantage of shifting market conditions.


To put it another way? There are advantages for your site in both topical and evergreen writing. Topical content aids your site gets seen when timely and relevant events have clients looking for answers, whereas evergreen efforts help increase SEO and generate constant visitor numbers.

Finding a happy medium between evergreen and topical writings is the key to attracting and retaining readers. Keep an eye on content writing companies in India to explore more ways to attract and retain readers.

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