During this pandemic, we all sat down in our homes locked noticing online and tech businesses make record-breaking revenues. Be it a salaried employee or a small business owner, everyone wished at some point in time to have an online business. I believe that now is the only good time to turn “If I had an online well-established business…” to “My online business is growing double the speed since…

By now, I bet you have only one thing going on your mind. It is “Oh, it sounds good to hear, but I really don’t have much savings to invest to set up an online business.” Right?

Well, when you talk to some of the digital marketing agencies and consult about how to set up an online business, they will usually start by quoting the price of an expensive website. And in that very moment, you will know that a website + SEO + content + social media marketing + advertisement is going to cost you a fortune.


What’s my pocket-friendly method to set up an online business?

After spending your savings for months in this lockdown period, I totally understand if you don’t have tens of thousands to give to an agency. I believe one should only invest further when they actually start earning through online mediums. How do I recommend setting up an online business?. I recommend doing it via Facebook marketing. I have a lot of unique and effective strategies for Facebook marketing that have been delivering great results for my clients.

Online Business

For people who have been afraid to put in some bucks for online business, let me show you how do I begin when my clients have no presence on the internet:

  • I create a Facebook, Instagram and Google my Business page for my clients. (which costs nothing).
  • I put some posts and content to make the page lively. (which costs next to nothing).
  •  I research precise target audiences to get some leads for my clients. (which costs as low as 500-1000/day but starts giving out revenue right away).
  •  When the new customers start giving out revenue, I recommend my clients to set up a website, put up quality content and adopt better Facebook marketing strategies to increase the revenue.

It is a lot easier to invest further when you start connecting with new potential customers and start making some sales. A business can actually start flourishing when the ads reach the right people for which I recommend you to hire a Facebook Ad expert who knows some clever Facebook marketing strategies. “Like what strategies?” you ask? Keep reading.


Strategies for Facebook Marketing :

There are a lot of Facebook marketing strategies that give out results. I’ve named one of them “educate them to convert them”. How does it work? Selling a product/service through ads isn’t as easy as Facebook makes it look. People don’t buy the product when they haven’t heard of you.

Strategies for facebook marketing

Let me explain this to you through an example. Let’s say I design websites. My target audience is the people who have a business or are looking forward to putting up a new business. In order to make a sale, I will filter my audience to people who actually need a website.

  • I will put up some blogs like “How can a website double the revenue of your business? Know here” and bring traffic to it. My target audience, i.e., people who have an online business or are thinking of it will definitely open it, and read it. They will basically engage with my content.
  • The people who actually read the blog will be shown a video of “5 things that your website must have to generate revenue”. This will put up the thought of “I need a good website for my business” in their head and that’s where we make the final move.
  • People who did engage with both of my contents are the people who are actually interested in buying a website, right? So, if I show them an ad with a ‘limited period offer’ tag which gives them all the features that they read or saw in the blog and the video, a lot of them will end up buying it.


This is how strategies work. This was one of the many strategies that I have up my sleeve. Different kinds of businesses require different kinds of strategies to get results. My effective sales funnels have given out tremendous results to a lot of my clients.

What’s your take on online businesses now? Let’s answer that one last question in your head now.


Are online businesses successful?

This is a very common question asked around the internet and by my leads. It is obvious to get complete details about online marketing before you actually pay someone. The era of the internet is the era of smart people and smart businesses. A lot of businesses started small and trusted the power of the internet only to get dazzled by the results. I can name a number of businesses like Byju’s, Oyo, Ola Unacademy, Zomato etc but I would rather tell you about Cars24 instead.

Online Business

Cars24 wasn’t a very intelligent or new idea, it was just a business that was already being carried out by a number of people for years. Cars24 basically helps car owners to sell their car at the right price. A lot of mechanics and repair showrooms across India already did that but Cars24 actually used the internet and marketing to establish its authority. It is one of the most successful businesses that has been empowered by online marketing.

Therefore, next time if you ask yourself “are online businesses successful?” just put on your TV and start watching those super creative ads put up by businesses that started small.

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