Google my business is a tool that allows businesses to create a powerful influence Online. However, this tool comes with some limitations that make it difficult for the business to operate it. One of such limitations it possesses is the ability of the third party to access your data.  Google my business is a third-party app that allows users to search businesses by their location and get driving directions and much more. 

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As it is a social media Partner, it helps to maintain your company’s Google business profile online.  Google my business is much more than just a simple business tool. It is a mixture of social networking platforms and search engines.

Google my business is a service tool that allows you to display customer reviews, contact information,  and social updates for your business.


Some of the features available with the google profile are:

  • It allows you to edit contact information such as an address,  phone number, and website information after claiming as google my business page.
  • It allows you to publish hours of service, make a list of service areas and the items you can add to the company’s profile.
  • Google my business allows you a messaging function also that enables the customer to ask inquiries to the business owners. 
  • It allows you to promote greater interaction and provide more efficient customer service.
  • Another feature it comes with is it updates and enables your team to create limited-time Deals. Entice the customers to buy the product.


Now let’s take at the benefits associated with this free tool, which include everything from increased visibility to Reputation and brand management.


  • Boost exposure 

Google is an important and most popular search engine. It allows you to control more than 80% of the search engine. Therefore, using my business to improve the SEO strategy and optimize the content is an important step that can increase your company’s chances of appearing on the search engine results page.

 Sometimes your business page may appear in Google Maps searches as well as Google local packs and display your page at the top. 

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  • Impacts the purchasing choices 

It is critical if your google my business profile is fully online and you want your business to appear in the search engine. Constant google review engagement has proved helpful in this context.

It plays a significant role in influencing the purchasing decision of the users.  As it is a well-known fact that people in the age group of 18-35 evaluate the internet before making their purchase. 


  • Manage company’s reputation 

When the customers get negative reviews about the company, it hampers the image of the company. Whether you get a positive or negative remake it is important to respond to the reviews politely. Paying attention to the review or the comments of the users and appreciating them for their valuable comments shows how involved you are with your customers. It is an important and excellent way to show your gratitude to your customers.

Online Reputation Management

A consistent negative review from their customers allows the company to think of something else, and change its course of action. The company should respond to the bad review and try to understand the perspective of the client and should address accordingly. 


  • Organize and label reviews 

Creating subjects such as positive and negative give your customer filtering powers. You may add more labels to each review in your Google my Business and then filter and discover the top and worst rankings, to see if any pattern is being followed or not. 


  • Keeping a record of your ratings 

It is very important to keep a record of your google star rating. Google my Business allows you to keep a track of how many four and five-star reviews your business gets.  This helps you in sorting the rating so that you can choose to respond to the greatest or the worst feedback. 


  • Have a team assign a review 

While responding to the comments, the most time-consuming task is to frame an answer or create a custom comment. Therefore you may need a team to respond to the feedback or supervise the comments of the customers. This is important because in case a query occurs where it requires expertise in sales or customer services,  you may need a specialist to deal with the issue.


  • Use saved replies to their full potential 


Providing consistent reviews to the same query rather than a new one may seem your company more trustworthy. The saved reviews may assist your team to achieve the objective of your company. Having a team may save time in writing a response over and over again. 

One can also add a personal touch to the replies, by customizing the answers and adding names that are popularly displayed are displayed majority of companies, it is necessary to integrate your business with social media as it helps to manage the activities. By interesting Google my Business into your social media it is likely to increase production and efficiency by using social media as it is one such solution.


  • Assigning permission to members of your team to get access to various client profiles, helps a lot in easing things.  You may also devote a significant amount of time onboarding and clearing the security warnings of the company.
  • Real-time collaboration with your teams helps you respond timely to customer reviews.  It is after all an opportunity to create a good impression on your clients. You can always keep a track of things your colleagues are doing while maintaining google my business account.
  • The last thing you don’t want to do is to take too long to respond to a review or worse it misses it. The social box system in notification makes it simple to notice when a company gets a new review from their clients. 


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