Did you know that medium-sized and large enterprises spend a little over 10,00,000 INR every month on SEO? Shocked? This is because they have tens of thousand pages and even millions of pages on their website which help them to generate a crazy amount of leads and sales everyday! Therefore, it is quite essential for enterprises to have a search engine optimized website with high authority to rank on desired keywords.

If you’re looking forward to taking up an enterprise SEO project, there are a number of things that you must know even before you start your planning procedure. The right kind of enterprise SEO can generate millions of revenue in a single month!

Why should enterprises go for enterprise SEO?

Every brand, agency or corporation implements a blended strategy of search engine optimization and paid marketing. Be it Amazon, Jio, Tata or Walmart they have subdivided their marketing budget for organic as well as paid traffic.

But, even if you spend the same amount of money on SEO as well PPC and retrieve the same amount of traffic from both the sources, yet, organic traffic is a lot more valuable and converting as compared to paid traffic. That’s the key reason why any enterprise should focus on quality enterprise SEO over paid marketing and social media.

Why is organic traffic more valuable than paid traffic?

If I had to answer this in the simplest way possible, I’d give the following example to my readers:

Scenario 1: “We offer the best SEO services. Our prices are affordable and we’ve a team of experts. Hire us today and get 10% OFF.”

Scenario 2: “They offer the best SEO services. Use any of these keywords, they rank #1 on all of them. I guess they’re the best choice.

Search Engine

Which one do you trust more? The answer is obvious and self-explanatory. Anyone can run ads but only the best ones manage to rank on good keywords through local SEO for marketing themselves. Organic traffic is free and converting, whereas paid traffic is temporary and expensive.

What are the major difficulties with Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO presents numerous special and enormous difficulties for businesses.

Let us try to be familiar with the top four major difficulties you will confront when working in a business. What makes enterprise SEO special from an overall overview of SEO?

Their complexities are what make it challenging. A vast organization has specialized difficulties from complex site design to getting a financial plan for the instruments. etc. I have seen numerous SEO experts who originated from counseling who have solid technical and general information on SEO.


An SEO expert should possess the capacity to work with different groups or comprehend the complexities that organizations come across.

Without the experience of working in-house in such a situation, any SEO expert will battle to pick up validity or have such an effect – bringing the same kinds of results without any indications of further development.

Here are the 4 main difficulties any SEO professional may confront when working:

  1. Pay attention to technical SEO
  2. Create an SEO Report
  3. Find a project manager or be one
  4. Build relationships even if you’re an introvert:

Recommendations to overcome difficulties with enterprise SEO ?

1.Pay attention to Technical SEO First:

After creating, optimizing and ranking so many pages, it would cost you a lot of time, effort and money to go back and fix the basics. 85% of the SEO agencies make the same mistake while working on Enterprise SEO. They focus on on-page and off-page first and end up being exhausted while fixing the technical aspects of the website. It is very important to begin with “educating yourself about the nuances of SEO”. It means that you must ask all the possible questions about the website – be it obvious or something so stupid, ask it before you start. It is essential to gain as much information as possible about the website so that your brain paints a clearer picture of the SEO roadmap which begins with technical SEO.

2.Create an SEO Report after the complete analysis:

Before you make it better, note down its current situation first. Don’t start the project right away, make a complete report of the website’s current traffic, revenue and backlinks. You can use Google search console to get a complete idea about the position of that website.

Enterprise SEO Report

Not just the current position, you must also analyse about how their current SEO is performing, what are the possible opportunities that you can utilize and what works for them. This will enable you to create unique and effective strategies which actually deliver positive results.

3.Find a project manager or be one:

The role of a project manager is often undermined in the procedure of enterprise SEO. It is important to overhaul the old pages and improve their design and content with time to get a converting as well as search engine optimized website. There are a number of actions that are needed to be carried out which includes optimization, tracking of upward trends, improvisation of webpages, outreaching for backlinks, local seo for marketing and much more which needs to be carried out with a proper timed structure. A project manager will enable you to create proper deadlines for every task so that you focus on strategizing rather than following up with the team of writers, designers and developers.

4.Build relationships even if you’re an introvert:

One of the most important parts of carrying out enterprise SEO is to build relationships with every part of the organization. SEO touches every aspect of the company ranging from content creation, designing, legal, management to creative and public relations. It is vital to understand the core competence of your team members as well as of others in the organization so that your strategy remains fool-proof and effective. Try to communicate, engage, work and report with all of the members in your team so that they buy into your SEO strategy faster and easier leading to an overall growth of plan as well as the enterprise.

Business Relationship

We tried to cover all the essential recommendations in the above 4 points. Our primary focus in the recommendations was driven towards the underrated and ignored aspects while carrying out enterprise SEO. This recommended aspects will help you overcome the difficulties with enterprise SEO which you may come across while implementation.

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